SBE promotes the development of reliable clean and affordable energy. The Company cooperates with science specialists und other experts. The company offers technology transfer on the basis of patents that meet the requirements of reliability, cleanness and affordability.

On the global scale 45 percent of energy demands are related to heating and cooling, 25 percent to traffic and thirty percent to electric power.

Already now, there are patents available in all three major areas of energy demand. Additional inventions are to be expected in the near future that are related to renewable energy and will contribute to the increase of the role of this type of energy.

Optimizing the use of fossil energy in terms of environmental criteria and affordability.

On the basis of some inventions it will be possible to generate energy from hard and soft coal as well as timber and peat in a manner that meets the criteria of reliability, environmental cleanness and affordability.

In future, these criteria can also be met in generating energy from oil sands and schist oil.

SBE can offer greatly improved solutions for storage or commercialization of radioactive material a critical issue for all generations of nuclear power plants.

Thorium, a primary source of energy in the future, can be used for power generation on the basis of new technologies, which would eliminate the environmental and other risks of traditional nuclear power plants.

Hitherto pilot projects were based on Thorium in its natural crystalloid status. In future, they may be based on amorphous Thorium.

In the field of renewable energies SBE offers a number of inventions, developments and international patents, in particular so far as sunbeam, water, air and wind are concerned.

Energy conversion and energy storage will be used in heating and cooling of buildings as well as in the field of traffic and power generation.

Energy efficiency constitutes another area of SBE activities, among others in the field of iron ore processing without the use of furnaces, the production of sheet metal without the use of rolling facilities, or the hydrogenation of toxic gases (for instance CO2) and their transformation for commercial use.

Most of the research institutes and the professional expertise, specializing in these fields are located abroad in Europe.

SBE offers various modes of cooperation to inventors, researchers and highly qualified specialists in various fields - as members of the Company or as outside specialists.